Aimee & Joe

Aimee and Joe's wedding was truly a dream wedding! It was the sunniest day of May and the light was incredible. It was my first time photographing a wedding at Tinakilly Country House in Wicklow and I fell in love with it instantly and as the day went by, I kept finding more interesting spots. I had done a pre-wedding shoot with Aimee and Joe a few months ahead of the wedding and I must say they were an absolute pleasure to work with, a kind, considerate and fun couple and I also loved interacting with both their families on the day, I was actually greeted in French by their parents when I walked in the door for the preparations, wow! The makeup was done by the super talented Aimee Connolly and the hair by the equally talented Niav Brennan. Aimee and her bridesmaids looked stunning. I loved Aimee's dress of course and her overall style: she was just a vision of beauty! The whole day went by smoothly and there was much laughter. Aimee's Nan, who is 93 and was in a wheelchair, was placed at the very front in the church so she wouldn't miss anything and I am glad I got lovely shots of her during and after the ceremony, she was clearly enjoying herself and was delighted to be a part of the big day. In terms of decorations, Aimee & Joe went for a vintage look thanks to Vintage Decor, with an old bycicle at the front of the house and lots of beautiful and strategically placed items in various areas and they all looked exquisite. The speeches drew a lots of laughter and because the room was bright I didn't need to use the flash which meant I was extra discreet, capturing a whole palette of emotions from the speakers, the couple, the families and the guests. It was great working again with talented videographer Emma Walkin who is a master of stealth but never misses anything. I cannot wait to design and produce the album and watch as Aimee and Joe go through it for the first time!