Wedding Albums

I offer 2 main types of albums. The most popular album is the hardback coffee table book, which I design entirely from scratch. It comes in the form of large (A3) modern book and the large images allow you to see a lot of details. It typically holds 80 to 100 images. The books are professionally bound and the images are printed directly onto the pages. The sturdy cover has a leather finish and there are various colours to choose from. The album pouches are very special as they are hand-made by one of my best friends in Italy.

The other one is a luxury album which is either square shaped or rectangular shaped, with a gorgeous thick cover with a linen finish which comes in various colours. It is heavier than the previous album with a more traditional look yet it has a contemporary feel to it and is ultra classy. It typically holds 60 to 70 images and is hand-made in Ireland.